The importance of spatial planning procedure

The Spatial Planning Procedure (a regional planning process) is the first stage of required administrative processes to obtain the permit to build the mine. It determines whether the so-called land related schemes to build the mine suit the area. Once the lead authority for the ROV, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture, Joint State Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg (GL 4), is in agreement with the presented procedure, then KSL can start the Life of Mine Plan Permit.

Public Participation and Public Relation

With the official opening of the Spatial Planning Procedure the documents will be covered in all communities where the project districts through the KSL and any associated impacts are concerned. Additionally, these documents will be available on the Website of the Joint State Planning Department.

This disclosure will be displaced on notice or press coverage to the population.With these disclosure the concerned citizents have time for a period of four to six weeks to file their objections and concerns about the project.

All objections will be examined and assessed for their relevance for the spatial planning process and will subsequently included in the considerations for the regional development assessment.

A transparent and honest public relation is a part of the KSL. Both, the press and interested citizens can address its questions to the company.