Other project aspects

Which mining method does KSL Kupferschiefer Lausitz GmbH plan to use?

Evaluations by specialists have shown that the most appropriate mining method for the Spremberg-Graustein project to utilize taking into consideration safety, welfare, government regulations, environmental impacts, the goal of high productivity with lower cost, and suitability for a thin, deep, and flat-dipping deposit is the room-and-pillar method.




Will the Lusatia landscape be impacted by be the copper mine exploitation?

Environmental preservation plays an important role for KSL. The copper exploitation will take place underground, and therefore the mining itself will not be visible, nor will it impact the landscape in the area.

 Will the smelting take place in Spremberg as well?

No, KSL facilities in Spremberg will only produce copper concentrate, which will then be transported to smelters. Potential smelters for KSL concentrates are located within the EU.

Will there be noise emissions that affect the residents of the city of Spremberg or the environment?

The shaft and workings of the copper mine will comply with appropriate distances to settlements. The inhabitants of the city of Spremberg will feel no adverse impacts from noise.